Bread and olives                            £4

our own focaccia with marinated mixed olives, balsamic oil and pesto

Garlic bread                                     £3

Cheesy Garlic Bread                     £4

Hummus dip                                   £4

with our own homemade focaccia

Mixed nuts and chilli corn          £2


Garlic mushrooms (v)                   £5      

Tempura battered Calamari      £6

with a garlic dip

Shoreline fishcake                        £6

smoked Haddock with zesty tartar sauce

CHILDRENS (for 10 & Under)

Includes Fruit juice carton, small coke, lemonade, Sunkist orange or bottle of water  

all                         £6

Sausage & Chips (veg option available)                                  

Homemade slider (small burger & Chips

Chicken Nuggets & chips                                                              

Fishfingers & chips

8” cheese & tomato pizza


Chips                                                  £3
Cheesy chips                                   £4

Sweet Potato Fries                       £4

Cajun Onion rings                          £3
Mixed salad                                     £4


Tapas boards

Vegetarian                                      £10    

tempura vegetables, stuffed peppers

& cheese wedges with sweet chilli and

garlic mayo dip

Fish                                                    £10

calamari, mackerel goujons and whitebait

with tartar & sweet chilli dip      

Meat                                                 £10

baby chorizo sausage, chicken skewer

and lamb koftas with raita & BBQ dip


Vegetarian                                       £10

marinated artichokes, stuffed vine leaves, olives, grilled aubergine slices, hummus & focaccia

Charcuterie                                    £10

selection of cured meats, olives, mozzarella, focaccia


Vegetarian                                       £10

Tomato and basil sauce topped with cheese

Meat                                                  £10

          Pulled chilli beef, jalapenos and cheese

or      BBQ chicken and bacon topped with cheese


Devon Crab                                      £13
salad leaves, tomato, cucumber, carrot, olives, red onions, oven baked croutons topped with a generous portion of local white and brown crab meat and focaccia

Halloumi Salad                               £11
seasonal leaves, olives, cucumber, sundried tomatoes, red onions, balsamic glaze and focaccia

Add Bacon                                               £1

Our kitchen team make the burgers here in our kitchen using a blend of lean pork and beef mince, caramelised onions and seasoning, served in a locally produced or Pretzel bun with a side of chips

American burger                           £10

with gherkin, lettuce, tomato and onion

served in a pretzel bun

Italian burger                                  £11

with mozzarella and pesto

Spanish burger                               £11

with chorizo and Manchego cheese

Mexican burger                             £12

slow-braised pulled chilli beef with jalapenos

Texan burger                                  £11

chicken fillet, BBQ sauce and Monterey

jack cheese served in a pretzel bun

Vegetarian                                      £11

homemade potato, beetroot, carrot and lentil burger or our own cookedpulled jack fruit with BBQ sauce both options are suitable for Vegans


Add Mozzarella, Manchego, Monterey   £1                   Add Bacon                                                             £1

Jack or vegan cheese substitute               


Helen went to Italy to source our new Pizza oven and to learn the art of pizza making. We make dough daily and prove for a minimum of 72 hours the result is “our dough” and you won’t find it anywhere else.  Whilst we love local, for our dough we use fantastic Italian flour & Olive oil


Margherita                                      £8

tomato, basil leaves and fresh mozzarella

Napoli                                               £9

Margherita topped with anchovies and capers

Parma                                                £10

Margherita topped with Prosciutto, Parmesan and fresh rocket

Greek                                                £9

smoked aubergine, oregano and halloumi cheese

American                                         £10


Mexican                                           £11

Pulled chilli beef & jalapeños

French                                               £10

Trois fromage, Mozzarella, Brie & Roquefort

Portuguese                                      £11

Piri Piri chicken, peppers & red onion

Hawaiian                                          £10

home baked ham and pineapple

Mediterranean                              £9

peppers, sun dried tomatoes,

fresh basil and red onion

Spanish                                             £11

Chorizo and Manchego cheese


swap to Buffalo Mozzarella                          £2

Choose a complementary dip from

Garlic Mayo, BBQ, Ranch or Chipotle


Add olives, pesto, jalapeños, pineapple, mushrooms, peppers or red onion                                            £1        

Add home baked ham, pepperoni, or chorizo                                                                                                       £2

Image result for vegetarian symbol

vegetarian pizzas can have vegan cheese substitute. 

Text Box: 0719

    Gluten free bases available

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